We invite you to join our select group of hard money mortgage investors!

Getting Started . . .

If you have $25,000 or more available for investment, and are interested in considering short term hard money real estate funding as part of your portfolio, please call Herman Poritzky at 914-490-4819 to learn more about how to participate in upcoming funding opportunities.

What You Should Know About Investing Through Poritzky Funding Co. . . .

  • We service all of our mortgages.
  • We use licensed appraisers and/or local realtors.
  • We conduct personal interviews with the borrowers.
  • We personally inspect all properties.
  • We lend only on projects in the NY/CT/NJ metro area.
  • We guarantee complete title insurance.
  • We stay in touch with our borrowers and actively help them develop an “exit strategy”.
  • All of our loans are personally guaranteed by the borrowers and are well collateralized.
  • We lend only in areas where we have investment expertise and marketing knowledge.
  • No investment cash is required unless/until you decide to participate in a specific funding opportunity.
  • Typical investor return is 8%-10%.  Loan terms are 1 year or less.
  • Investors receive monthly payments during duration of the loan.

Next step . . .

Call Herman Poritzky at 914-490-4819 to discuss how hard money mortgage investing can work for you!